I can't find Ajinomoto products. Where can I buy them?
If your local store does not carry our products, please contact us and we will try our best to locate stores with our products in your area.
Is it possible to order online?
Currently we do not conduct online orders.
Should I defrost the frozen products before cooking?
No. All of our frozen products come with cooking instructions. For best results please follow the cooking instructions provided.
I stored the frozen products in refrigerator. Is it okay to eat?
As indicated on the package, our frozen products should be kept frozen until ready to use. For food safety and quality, we do not recommend consuming any products that have been thawed prior to preparation.
Do you have allergen information available?
Please be sure to always read the ingredient statement prior to eating our product if you have food allergies. If you have additional questions, please contact us.
Is your product Kosher?
No. Currently none of our products are certified as Kosher.